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Pachranga International Pvt. Ltd

Welcome to the enticing world of Pachranga International (P) Ltd. (PIPL) a name that speaks volumes about the forte of India’s premier pickle making family .With a lineage dating back to 1935, the rich heritage and age old experience has been carried forward by generations, which has now made PIP & Ghar Se a global brand.

The story of Pachranga International Pvt. Ltd. has its origins from Kaloorkot, District Mianwali in Pakistan, where Late Shri Murlidhar Dhingra its founder incorporated "Pachranga" . It was his son, Late Shri Asa Nand Dhingra who shifted base to Panipat, India, in 1943 . And here, the company’s fine tradition of pickle-making was carried forward by yet another generation, his son Shri Rajinder Kumar Dhingra.

As the pioneers in Indian food industry, PIPL has remained true to its roots, without compromising on its values and working on the principle that “Quality is long remembered after the price is forgotten”.Over the years, the company has developed a whole new range of exciting products, that are currently available in over 30 countries around the world and we look forward to serving our customers for years to savour the flavour that's enriched by the experience of over seventy years.


  • These Juices are worth a try, really fresh and good taste.
  • It's of the best Amla Murabba I have ever had a must try for all those who love Homely Murabbas.
  • An excellent appetite booster. Appropriate spices used in desired proportion. My family, especially, children liked the taste of this pickle very much.
  • First of all the packaging was fantastic.Sturdy air wraps etc. The product was freshly manufactured. Loved the product.The taste was good .
  • Best pickles I've had in a long time. Pachranga is clearly one of the best, I can say. They taste like pickles use to taste like when I was a kid. Try some, you'll fall in love!